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Luckytown Locations


L-U-C-K-Y-T-O-W-N High! L-U-C-K-Y-T-O-W-N High! LET’S GO Luckytown Legends! Every fall, football 

becomes the buzz of Luckytown, and the LHS Legends are notoriously tough to beat. Who ever heard of parents tailgating at their kid’s football game? The Legends dominate the field, and the coach is especially fond of the star quarterback Billy. Students can see him running laps for hours after the team finishes practice. HUDDLE UP LEGENDS! The team is aiming for the championships to put a shiny new trophy in the school’s display case. They’ll do just about anything to get that title. Though the football field is lively during pep rallies and games, no one dares to venture into the woods beyond the goal post, leading to the lake. LET’S GO LEGENDS! GREEN-AND-GOLD!


A charming relic from the 1920’s, Luckytown Bank still has all of its original architecture. Incredibly 

high ceilings, marble floors, and vintage bank teller windows, this place has maintained it all! The only thing it’s lacking is proper security. For real, this is the third break-in we’ve had this month, and the sheriffs can’t figure out who is responsible for the recent chain of robberies!


Calling all visitors! Luckytown Inn has the best complimentary continental breakfast for miles. With 

a view of the beautiful snowy mountain peaks and of the sleepy town below, the Inn is the perfect place to stay for a long weekend or maybe a little longer . . . Anyway, the Inn staff is friendly, peppy, and--most importantly--sorry to see you go! Just listen to this review from our lovely customer: “I can’t seem to keep track of time here. I’ve never slept so much in my life.” Yes, that’s right! The beds here are out of this world. Our motto is “Stay in Comfort. Stay in Bliss. Stay Forever! Luckytown Inn.”  except for room 13  


Hungies while on the road? Need a quick fill up while running errands? Desperately need to borrow their 

phone to call for help after escaping the unexplainable grasp of the neighboring woods after being lost amongst its trees for days? This gas station has seen it all, so don’t be shy about stopping in! It’s fluorescent lights serve as a beacon in the night and a safe haven to escape danger. Or to just get some chips. However, it’s probably best you don’t stop by in the early morning hours, just to avoid the interesting characters that come out at night.


You want some drugs? Stop by Manheim’s Drug Store to get all types of medications from prescriptions to 

over the counter products. While you’re here, check out the candy licorice at the front register. Manheim is a sweet old man that works himself to the bone to get you what you need. The kids have been known to play pranks on poor old Manheim, but it’s all in good spirit.


Once a thriving spot for film buffs, shifty patrons, and bored teenagers just looking for a part-time 

job. Brick Smasher’s Video Rental is long past its prime. Despite the almost non-existent influx of customers, it still somehow remains in business. If you're ever in the mood for a good ole slasher movie or a classic rom-com, you know where to go! Just don’t ask to check out the mysterious series of blank tapes in the back of the store, the manager doesn’t really know where they came from.


Mmmmmm. MMMmmmMM. MMMMMMMMMM. That’s the sound every customer makes after each 

meal. Doctor Bebe’s Diner is the only 24/7 restaurant in town that serves masterpieces that are sure to make your mouth water by just hearing the names of the dishes. Doctor Bebe’s speciality dish is the “Luckytown Lipsmacker.” The sweetness of a classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich on a fresh brioche bun paired with a side of homemade spicy chili is to DIE for. Doctor Bebe is working on a recipe book that will blow the culinary world’s backs out.


Old movies are a hit among Luckytown residents! They love watching spooky horror flicks, heartwarming sob 

stories, and heroic figures saving Western towns from villains. Though the cinema sees heavy traffic on the weekends, the empty theater room gets pretty eerie after the screening of the last program at 3:00 a.m. Why is it unusually chilly in here? Who turned on the projector!? The graveyard shift is the most feared position in town, and the cinema has a “Hiring” sign permanently in the window.


Oh no, did you throw your baseball onto the Brickelback Estate? There’s NO WAY you’re ever 

going to see it again, and anyone who was brave enough to attempt a rescue mission of their lost item have returned pale, clammy, and in a state of shock. When asked about what happened, they become tense and refuse to recall the harrowing tale. The Brickelbacks are among the first settlers in Luckytown, and despite the splintered wooden siding and deterioration of their estate, they are rumored to have a huge sum of money buried in the backyard. Avoid the Brickelback estate at all costs.


Ah yes, sweet mayor Squash Johnson’s fancy house is the talk of the town. But not for the reasons you may 

think. Neighbors have reported seeing numerous mysterious figure’s entering the house late in the early morning hours about once every month. Perhaps just for late night dinner parties? Who really knows, no one really wants to question the mayor in charge of running the town.


On the highest peak of Luckytown, a large mansion with yellowed columns looms over the town--as if 

watching. Most pay no mind to the dilapidated building. Legend says, every third friday of each month, a candle is lit in one of the windows. Who really knows what’s going on up there. The trek up the mountain is far too laborious for anyone to try it.


Once pristine and clear, Luckytown Lake attracted large crowds and vacationers. However, a young melon 

entered the water and never returned. It is said an apparition dressed in lace can still be seen hovering above the murky, misty waters at 3:13 a.m. Few venture to the Lake in fear of seeing the gaping mouth and wide eyes of the poor melon, still attempting to call for help. The melon seems more active ever since the mysterious meeting circle has appeared next to the deserted lake. What does this mean?


No one is really sure what happens in the woods next to the Lake. Some report seeing a glowing red circle,

like fire, light up the night. Others say they’ve seen figures and heard unintelligible chanting. The stray cat frequents this location, but why? Is the circle malicious? Who exactly meets in the woods? Many questions with no answers. Hmm . . . Billy may have seen something important after football practice.



Choo hear that rumbling off in the distance? That’s the ol’ reliable Luckytown train! 

Luckytown station welcomes many out-of-towners who chose to visit. Stay for a little or a while, Luckytown station welcomes all! 


Why would you want to drive when you can take a wonderful ride on one of our luxurious Luckytown public 

buses! Every resident is equipped with a Luckytown bus schedule. Enjoy the relaxing velvety red seats while you travel to your destination. Our new “Luckytown Cruise Tour” is an informative, funky introduction to our town for curious visitors.