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Luckytown Locations


Town Hall is home to the authorities in charge of protecting Luckytown- the finest sheriffs, council 

people and the friendly mayor. The mayor’s eyes are too sweet to be hiding anything behind them... right? Perhaps. Residents love to speculate his private life after his secretary reported hearing low, hushed discussions about the surrounding woods. What’s going on there?


Anyone in town knows the spot to get the finest, freshest produce is none other than from Farmer Frickle himself! From dawn to dusk, Farmer Frickle 

spends his days tending to his crops, livestock, and chasing off the pesky creatures that watch him from the woods. Sometimes he unexplainably zones out and realizes he’s been standing at the front of the treeline for 20 minutes, just staring into its dark green abyss. Oh well, back to milking the cows!


Farmer Frickle insists that something resides in these woods surrounding his farm. Unfortunately, everybody he tries to tell just thinks he’s overworked and imagining these things. At night, he hears unintelligible whispering and sees red lights 

flicking from the wood’s depths. His third cow this month has mysteriously disappeared.Who can he turn to for help?


After attending LHS, most high school sweethearts settle down and buy a cozy home with a white picket fence in the family friendly neighborhood just a few steps from the school and the center of town. Don’t even worry about choosing a house 

because every single one is identical! Each house has a welcome mat at the door, and the savory smells of a barbeque cookout waft from the backyards. The young children of Luckytown play baseball in the street. There is nowhere else as ideal to start a family as the “Luckytown Village.”


Dusty Spur’s Tavern is a lonely relic of the Lumber Mill days. Walking through the swinging 

doors is like entering into a Western saloon. The four town regulars smoking cigars will turn and stare at you as you enter the bar. Who’s that lonely traveller sitting in the corner? No one really knows anything about that guy except that he angrily grunts at you if you come close. LHS graduates dream about going to the Tavern for their first drink but are thoroughly disappointed by the prehistoric bartender that can only make two drinks: gin on the rocks and whiskey sours.


Home to some of the oldest Luckytown residents, anyone who comes to Luckytown’s graveyard is 

struck by the oddly calm, still air that encompasses the place. Some may even say it is… comforting? However, nighttime is a different story. I mean it is a graveyard, what else did you think would go on here?


Sweet old Lester the grave digger resides in this quaint, little shack right outside the town’s 

graveyard. He is trusted with the heavy responsibility of watching the graveyard, maintaining its appearance and monitoring its visitors- those from and not from this world. He spends most of his nights chilling out in his shack, reading by candlelight and ignoring the suspicious tapping on his window.


Ahhhh the heart of Luckytown- the Town Square! Always dawned in beautiful decorations handmade by

the local craft club, the town square is always decked out for every season. Located right in the center of town, all restaurants and shops are right nearby for your convenience. Feel free to explore while on a pleasant afternoon stroll!


The center hub where Luckytown residents dump the old junk they don’t want anymore. Only the  

bravest come here to search through its heaping piles, that is if you can make it past the vicious guard dog and chain link fence.


Luckytown, in the olden times, was a booming industrial district with many of its residents  

working at the Luckytown Lumber Mill. Now abandoned, the only people who visit are the students of Luckytown High for the annual field trip. Seems just like a boring, dusty, creaky mill.


Wrrrrrrrp...wrrrpppp...testing…is this thing on? Welcome to Nick’s Late Night Radio Show! Hosted every night, straight from Nick’s very own humble 

trailer nestled on the outskirts of Luckytown. Nick prefers the simple life, isolated from all other Luckytown residents. After all, who can he really trust anymore? This town has too many secrets being covered up by the very people that run it. And the woods are just too foreboding to be ignored. Nick has sworn to expose Luckytown’s secrets, even if it jeopardizes his own safety. If you or someone you know believes you have experienced an unexplainable phenomenon, witnessed a strange entity, or overheard any local tea being spilt, feel free to call in to Nick’s Late Night Radio Show! Hosted every night between the hours of 11:00pm-3:00am. 


All Luckytown residents pride themselves on their impeccable health! But, when there is the occasional 

accident, the Luckytown Hospital is the place to go. Older residents still remember the days when the late founder of the hospital still made house visits. The atmosphere is usually pleasantly quiet. Residents, however, can’t help but associate the hospital with unidentified patient 13, who is rumored to haunt the hospital halls at night in a gown and slippers. 


We love bread, you love bread! It’s no secret so don’t try to hide it! Among many other things, 

Luckytown is known for its iconic Sweet Rolls that envelop your mouth in their delicious softness. As soon as you walk through the bakery’s doors, the smell of freshly baked bread will make you never want to leave!


Hmm, the playground is actually quite a lonely place to visit. You would think children from the suburbs 

would appreciate a playground. Those darn kids! The equipment is fresh from the factory and is in tip top shape because it was donated by the Mayor himself. Adults don’t understand why the children tend to stay away from the playground. There must be something off about the space.


Marigold Cafe is a well known gem of Luckytown, deeply loved by all its residents for its tasty 

pastries and cozy beverages. It’s the number one spot for a morning pick-me up or afternoon study dates. Whatever suits your fancy! Nothing crazy really goes on here, unless you count the lunchtime rush!


Grades 9-12 attend Luckytown High School, and those are the best and worst 4 years of their lives. Popular cliques roam the halls, and the school lunch is 

absolutely terrible! It is not uncommon to see kids asleep in class with a pool of drool on their desk. The principal rules the school with an iron fist, so the number one unwritten rule of LHS is to avoid interactions with him. LHS is not all bad of course. Football season provides most of the school spirit, and student athletes hope to leave Luckytown to make it big as pros. Senior prom is rumored to be the craziest night of the year. Who keeps putting alcohol in the punch bowl?


As one of the first buildings established in Luckytown, the Luckytown Post Office still proudly provides each 

resident with daily mail. Residents trust their precious letters and documents with LPO’s very own mail carrier service. The LPO is also partnered with the Luckytown Gazette in giving residents the most current, accurate news. The stray cat rooted through the diner’s garbage again? The Luckytown Bank was robbed? A storm is on the horizon? Luckytown Gazette is sure to catch the story.