Luckytown truly comes alive during harvest season every year! Farmer Frickle’s farm is always busy and bustling during this season but outback, his animals seem oblivious to it. Farmer Frickle’s prized horse spends most of his days grazing out back and munching on hay- what a good steed! 


This print is made by rolling ink onto the woodblock and printing onto paper. The print consists of two layers, one for each color. The woodgrain of the block provides a unique texture that appears subtly different in every print. 


Print details:

-11x14 in

hay day print

  • As mentioned above, all prints are handprinted by rolling ink on woodblocks and pressing them to paper. These printmaking techniques produce wonderful results. We would like to remind each customer that product results will vary with each print, and there may be slight differences from the product pictured. 

  • Refunds given on a case by case basis. For inquiries about possible refund contact luckytownbusiness@gmail.com.