Luckytown Lake used to be a legendary spot for vacationers to take a dip in the summer months and for teenagers to cause mischief late at night. However, ever since the drowning incident, the lake has pretty much been deserted. Strange entities have been rumored to emerge from the lake during the witching hours. Hang this print on the wall as a reminder of creepy happenings.


This is handprinted using a carved woodblock with 1 layer of color: purple brown. There is an emphasis on big shapes and simple forms. Texture is achieved through the unique grain the comes with each piece of wood. 


Print details:

-8.5x11in print 

luckytown lake print

  • As mentioned above, all prints are handprinted by rolling ink on woodblocks and pressing them to paper. These printmaking techniques produce wonderful results. We would like to remind each customer that product results will vary with each print, and there may be slight differences from the product pictured.