All the residents of Luckytown must endure long, snowy winters. Instead of being cooped up all day, they love to go sledding on the huge hills surrounding the area! Even the stray cat likes to bring out a sled and test out the slopes. After spending the whole day outside sledding, they retreat inside for a steaming cup of hot chocolate. 


This is a print made with woodblock printing techniques.


Product details:

-5x7 in postcard



sleigh ride postcard

  • As mentioned above, all prints are handprinted by rolling ink on woodblocks and pressing them to paper. These printmaking techniques produce wonderful results. We would like to remind each customer that product results will vary with each print, and there may be slight differences from the product pictured.

  • Refunds given on a case by case basis. For inquiries about possible refund contact luckytownbusiness@gmail.com.