Did you hear that? What’s that noise? It’s probably just the bushes rustling…right? Maybe this bear is simply overreacting. Many Luckytown residents swear they hear strange noises outside at night, but any further investigation always ends with no result. Perhaps it’s best to just assume it’s the wind…


This postcard is made by rolling dark blue ink onto a woodblock and printing onto paper. The woodgrain of the block provides a unique texture that appears subtly different in every print. 


This product includes:

-5x7in postcard


what's outside? postcard

  • As mentioned above, all prints are handprinted by rolling ink on woodblocks and pressing them to paper. These printmaking techniques produce wonderful results. We would like to remind each customer that product results will vary with each print, and there may be slight differences from the product pictured. 

  • Refunds given on a case by case basis. For inquiries about possible refund contact luckytownbusiness@gmail.com.