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about us

Hello, we are Elsa and Julie: two art students that attend the Rhode Island School of Design as Printmaking Majors. Somehow the universe came together and the stars aligned because we miraculously became roommates as wee little freshmen. Elsa is ol’ reliable, knows exactly what she wants, and goes out and takes it. Julie is forever and always emitting nervous vibes that are irresistibly charming and always lighten up our mood. 

Her lighthearted attitude helps remind us to not take things too seriously! Ever since we met, we have dreamed about opening up a shop to spread our love of printmaking to those around us. Even if it’s a lot of work, we know we can do it! Not only do we like to make prints, we are also posting process videos, vlogs, and spooky podcasts. We would love for you to get to know us and our story. 

What is Luckytown?

The creation of Luckytown originated from the need to convey both our love for printmaking and our need to tell a good story. In the months working up to production, Luckytown did not start as an actual location and space in time, but upon us coming together, Luckytown was born. We would like to emphasize that Luckytown is not just a shop for our prints--it is rather an ongoing story about the strange happenings of a small town. Suspend your disbelief and enter Luckytown as if it were a real place. The different locations of Luckytown as well as the mysterious residents have left our mental storyboards, finally coming to life. It is our pleasure that you get to join us for Luckytown’s story and get to see us--as Elsa always says--”put our hearts out on the press.”